• loner 54w

    he stood there, one among many
    as smoke rose from the burning body,
    his mouth watering
    from the smell of burning flesh.

    the man looked around,
    everyone had their eyes closed
    and were in deep mourning.
    but he knew,
    they were greedy and hungry too,
    they all were.
    how can they not be?
    of course they are,
    that's what a human is.

    he walked towards the quiet lake
    and saw himself staring back,
    handsome indeed,
    no wonder all those poems they write
    are about him.

    he spit in the water,
    on his face
    and went back,
    stood with his head down;
    trying to call upon himself
    the aura of fake mourning,
    his mouth still watering.