• harsha_writes 60w

    She let him into her heart,
    gave his feelings a shelter,
    fed his soul.
    She poured her heart out
    to let him get rid of
    all the insecurities
    he had about his own self.
    She showered him
    with her cosmic love,
    she loved him with immense faith.
    Yet what he handed her in return,
    was so brutal for a lady like her.
    He destroyed her self worth
    by taking her for granted,
    he demolished every single thing
    she used to love about herself
    by making fun of her choices.
    She started looking out for her lost self
    in every other person she encountered.
    she found her old best self at a place,
    where she couldn't return.
    She found it at the place
    once been rejected by her,