• soulo_scribbles 12w


    I am painting my night with happy lies.
    Flickering bulbs visioned as starry skies.
    Where peeling walls refer to vogue designs.
    And leaky taps call for asmr lullabies.
    As seasons gift it's harshest weather around.
    nature calls for the homes of disregard.
    A race with lag start against peers that I'm dragged to play along.
    Eating away my time shading mistakes I was never a part of.
    In a world of cut throat that curbs the needy.
    The most deprived of it all being the layer of poverty.
    Among all the given aiding luck, largesse and law the fairest is the master staking it all.
    For this is a happily ever after and I am my own fairy godmother of this recolored Cinderella's blue tale.