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    Been a while.

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    Cold Calling

    It's been continuously snowing on my TV
    It's a B&W screen,
    Yin and Yang duality,
    Salt and pepper static;

    There's never enough salt,
    And never enough pepper;
    Salt and pepper swapping places,
    As if they were put there
    at the wrong place and at the wrong time;
    Salt and pepper running out of their houses
    as soon as they went in.

    Infinite lives reside in my body.
    I am a product of my past,
    All the people I have known,
    All the places I've been,
    All the hope I still cling to,
    All my dreams I still escape to,
    All my mistakes,
    All my regrets,
    All the pain,
    And all my crimes,
    I rather not mention.

    I'm the hollow kind--
    The pretentious kind,
    The kind who drinks drama
    From a wine glass as an excuse for life.

    I am the guy you met
    Last night at the party.
    The guy who boasted
    About having conquered the world,
    Yet the same guy who runs out of his depths
    The moment he steps out of his room.

    I am the "savage" kind;
    The kind that makes bold comments
    And tries acting "cool";
    The kind that slithers
    Behind the walls of hypocrisy.
    I am the one
    who doesn't give a damn.
    Yet, I am also the one
    who persistently screams for validation.

    My visions are clouded by
    Instagram filters.
    I am a mere shadow
    of my ancestors' memory.
    My mind is a wardrobe
    That smells of unused hangers.

    Yet I bleed and sweat my way
    To brick and mortar a stalwart dynasty,
    All the while filling the crevices in the walls
    With crisis and cat piss.
    I am a wet-brain loser who falls for girls
    Like an object who has just discovered gravity;
    I am a product of the masses--
    A domino effect gone wrong;

    I am a dude of the 21st century.

    My thoughts run in parallel.
    Always together, yet never coincident.

    Philosophy asks me to question the end
    Hawking asks me how it all began.

    Buddha makes me observe reality,
    The world forces me to fit into it.

    Election results making me
    take it all with a grain of salt,
    Game of Thrones,
    with a modicum of pepper.