• theweird_wanderer 80w


    *LIKE THIS!*
    On a bright fine day when someone asks anyone of us:
    "How do u both tolerate each other".
    You hold up my hand tightly and say..LIKE THIS!♥

    On a rainy day when people come to know about your negative traits and ask me:
    "How can you still be with this man when everyone else left?"
    I will look into your eyes.
    and say to them..LIKE THIS!♥

    Crossing the road when you come on my side and people ask:
    "How can you be so caring."?
    Give a quick glance to me and say to them..LIKE THIS! ♥

    Chatting and calling everytime when people ask you:
    "what's the need to always talk ?"
    I hope you lift up your phone and say them proudly..LIKE THIS!♥

    When people will always point us for always fighting..we will point our never giving up tendency and prove them LIKE THIS♥

    When our time is not right and your friends ask you to hide their calls and hide your true life stories from me.
    I hope you take my side and shield me by saying to them NEVER.

    when days are dull and people tell you to move on I strongly believe you say to them NEVER!

    Cuz..one day we both will be smiling at our wedding reception..
    and people will ask us HOW DID YoU GUYS MADE IT?
    we both will not say a word..share a glance..show our wedding rings and tell to them..LIKE THIS! ♥