• alisdaire_ocaoimph 69w

    Shivers, tingles, sighs.
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    Where lips hunger
    Long the moist of tongue
    That drenched to want
    Fills the desire, that fire
    That burns deep to the pit
    Of lusts longing core
    When hands roam, touch, tease
    The form of breast through dress
    To the shaking thigh...the stumbling sigh
    That rolls out as fingers roam
    Upon the storm aroused
    Till soon the hunger floods the brain
    The want and need of naked skin
    To devour, delight entice the night
    As breasts are suckled hard long
    The tongue travels the rib of bone
    And down across the shivering belly
    To find womenhoods treasure
    Ahh! But the pleasure
    That moans and cries
    Where want so sighs
    Oh now, where meat to bone
    Calls forth the groan
    Grinds and pounds
    Digs and rounds
    Where depth to soul
    The weeping sore
    Begs its release.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph