• vondutchess 39w


    When you can't bear to witness another atrocity, and all of society feels like an unbearable monstrosity...
    When you think life has left it's final mark, and you've chosen to close your eyes and hide your scars. When all you want is to be alone and live in the dark...
    Grab my hand. I'll help you fight. I'll be your memory, your guide, I'll show you where to step lightly. I'll put your hands around my cup, and keep picking you the fuck up, until you decide to not just survive. Until you can look at your reflection with your eyes open wide. Until you can dig yourself out of this rut. I'll hold your hand until you're unstuck.

    When you can't bear to witness another atrocity... Slide your arm into mine, and walk beside me.
    Keep your eyes shut but goddamnit, you listen to me... When you've got nothing left, and just can't find a way to believe, I'll be here to talk, or if all you need is for me to shut the hell up, and just practice my listening...
    I'm promising now, that I'll never be too busy. I'll never not answer, or reply. I'll never ask questions, or judge. I'll be whatever you need me to be.

    When you can't bear to witness another atrocity... Pull up this extra chair, and have a seat right next to me.
    Close your eyes, and cry on my shoulder. Collapse in my lap, and let it all go, now. I'll never let you hit the ground. I'll patch every wound, I'll kiss every frown. I swear on every star in my sky, I'll do my best to never let you down because I want you to LIVE, not just survive. Life is too short for bad music, and shitty coffee. It's too short to not feel alive. It's too short to imagine another minute without you at my side.

    When you can't bear to witness another atrocity... Lay on this bed, and spoon up behind me.
    Your sadness is blinding, and the only time I see your eyes open, is when I see you cry. I'm tired of saying goodbye. I miss my life. I have too much to give, to stay closed off, with an empty space to the side of me. I've conquered it all. Survived everything. I won't spend the rest crying enough to die from drowning. Come with me. Let's see what life can bring. Let's share every secret, every memory, every pain. Let's hop in the truck, and crank the radio up. Let's get tattoos, and act like fools. But let's do it all in tandem because nothing is random. I was meant to find you, and you to find me. We deserve as much as those we envy, to take a deep breath, to love, and just be... Happy.