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    You may be avoided, rejected and might have gone through situation worst than heart breaks. It’s okay to fall, fail and make mistakes, only when it ends up with a single flash of message on the mobile screen. “How was your day?”. The heartless world cannot let us down when our best friend is with us, as our better half or may be as  our worst half, she always owns a part of us. Anybody can blame you for what you have done, but the first one who runs towards you and protect you with tight hugs will always be your best friend, someone who always understands your silence, your confidence and guidance. You forget everything in her presence, you shares everything with her, things out of the world, things which make no sense. She sings lullaby songs for you, will tell you fairytale stories, may act weird around you; all her genuine effort to make you smile. Because there is nothing heart breaking than seeing your best friend crying. Out of all the relations, friendship is the most promising. Sometimes she acts like your mother, scolding you for all the unnecessary matters, or may be she acts like your sister being an another version of yourself, sharing your dresses and jewellers or may be act like your cute little teddy bear, someone whom you could cuddle anytime. When hunger knows no boundaries, the taste of Maggie noodles is beyond words. That 2 minutes preparation makes a lifelong memory. Darling, you are my favourite chef too. Remember how hard you suffered during those days, but finally you could sleep peacefully in her lap. There is nothing equal to a trust worthy friend. Beginning the day, as being your personal alarm clock and till ending the exhausted day with good night wishes, friendship is an unlimited attachment. Best Friends, they are the real legends, our secret keepers.For a healthy friendship, there requires no perfect selfies, no lengthy conversations and no need to meet regularly. Even if we are in two extreme poles, some relations are inseparable. The only prayer in my heart is, "baby, let's go older together, let's do this nuisance till our last breath". 

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