• stewpid_ 118w

    You are like my Chocolate Latte
    All Sweet and Stuff
    I have been bottling up my feelings
    But now I’ve had enough

    Now this is the time to remind you
    That you are my star
    Now You should let go of all insecurities
    Those were bothering you so far

    I know
    I may not be the perfect one
    But as soon as I see you
    I’m sure, for me, you are the one
    Days passed
    And Time changed
    But it was our love
    Which never lost its Grace

    Every time I’m Stuck
    I count on you
    There may have been a lot of problems
    But regrets were very few

    A weirdo like me
    Never had a clue
    That even I can be loved
    By someone like you

    There are times
    When you feel I’m gonna leave you
    But Do you even know?
    That this is so stupid of you

    Whether It’s day or Night
    You are always on my mind
    No matter how many mood swings I got
    You have always been so kind

    Now You may find it Cringe
    But I love you
    From all my heart and soul
    What we have without efforts
    For others are relationship goals

    Now let go of those stupid thoughts
    As soon as you can
    Just keep one thing in mind
    Do tell bitches
    That you are my man