• kaetkey 41w

    Lather over lather
    you cover your naked physique
    with so many lies
    and leave the truths to die
    in the laundry beside.
    Shower over shower
    they leave you like
    things slip from your shivery hands.
    Washed off soap
    flow with the flow
    and you watch it go
    unlike the burdens on your heart
    and the mind goes slow.
    Realise, step back
    dig fingers in the allergic palm.
    Lose your way there
    dilating the radius of the rash.
    Realise, come back
    save the water you sick maniac.
    Close the tap, turn around
    open it, here you soak your head,
    accept it as your bad.
    Punch the tiles
    Caress them
    It's never you, who decides.
    Blame the mind
    lose another bunch of strands.
    They don't hold any grace
    and between two organs,
    they judge the race.
    Hate to touch the face?
    the dryness and acne
    and a permanent mask anyway.

    You aren't afraid to watch
    injuries and the very blood show.
    She said she can't watch it
    You asked what's it.
    C-section done perfection par,
    in a virtual world afar.
    No way you should've smiled
    but mistakes happen
    won't say like your
    zeroth birthday prime.
    Don't you work in the same field?
    you asked joining brows
    even worse with a slight laugh.
    Some things are different
    not everything deserves
    your “Let's generalise”.
    Offering her your company,
    you watched her more
    than the small screen.
    It all churns inside, says she
    you know how memories hit, right?
    Realise, frown back
    into your heart, it kicks, right?

    You denied the intake
    of medicine, the rash needs
    which makes you fall asleep
    and thoughts for the next day
    which kill you slowly.
    Know that it has already
    penetrated deep enough
    when all the restlessness
    takes over you
    until the moment
    you print it all down
    and paste it at the entrance
    of the left ventricle
    to calm other structures down.
    Don't memorise
    just let it go
    next time you'll pass by,
    ignore the same zone.

    I'd offer you a hand
    to share empty vibes
    but we'd end up sharing warmth
    empathising about how it feels
    when histamine ditches
    under the skin.
    Pass you a list
    of things not to feel
    and a longer one
    of things not to show.
    Paste it forever
    on the walls of your cerebrum.
    Save a few neurons
    from degenerating sooner.
    Please shut it all up,
    let's not make her heart ache.
    or ever.


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    The deeper you dig
    the deeper you fall.