• thesoulscribbles 33w

    When you fall in love, it's not just their good traits you are falling for. You love their flaws and weaknesses too. You love them with all your heart and soul and believe that they will never hurt you, they will never break your trust, they will never put you down. But one fine day, they just decide that they are not on the same page as you, they don't feel for you the way you do, they don't love you anymore, or maybe they never did. They leave you, sometimes by letting you know about their decision and sometimes just vanishing from your life without giving any justification, leaving you hanging with all the questions and doubts in your mind. And there you are, stranded, shattered, heartbroken with a million unanswered questions about why it all happened the way it did, where did you go wrong, what could you have done differently to make them stay?

    When someone leaves, it's not just a heartbreak. It's a zillion things inside you that break. Your smile, your laughter, your self worth, your gut feelings, your mind, your heart, your soul, your ability to love again; trust again, everything breaks. Everytime you meet someone new, you question about their genuineness, you have doubts about their intentions, you have self doubts that what if you screw this up as well. Whatever they do, you will still find a reason not to trust anyone again, you compare them with your past and you put walls around yourself so that nobody could ever hurt you again. You feel that you are unworthy of a pure love as everyone else had ever made you feel. You feel that they are lying to you too as everyone else had. You feel that they would leave you too as everyone else had. But darling, people will come and go, it's you who is always gonna stay with you. So straighten up that frown you have and trust the process. Whatever happens is for a reason. Take that leap of faith and learn to trust in new beginnings. Most of all, trust yourself and believe that nobody but your own thinking can break you!


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