• ripmysanity 51w

    I'm sorry

    This is an apology that is coming from the deepest parts of my heart. I love you more than anything in this world. I'm sorry if my actions have broken your trust or made you feel upset with me I never wanted to make you feel like that.
    And I wanna make this work forever because you are the greatest woman I have ever met.
    And I know I am meant to be with you. What I did will never happen again. Our business is our business. My heart is beating for you.
    Everytime I hear your voice I feel like I am in heaven. I am human and I make mistakes that doesn't mean my actions are justifiable nor Easily forgiveable. When I picture our future together I see everything I ever dreamed of because you are everything I ever dreamed of .
    I am taking full responsibility for my actions what I did was stupid. But my love for you is way bigger than the stupidity I had that day.
    I will be better from this day on I promise
    Erika, your my best friend my everything I would be lost without you ♥️ all I want to do is make sure you never have to feel bad emotions but I caused you to feel them and I will never forget that and I will never forget how it feels to almost loose you.
    I LOVE YOU ❤️