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    Inspired by �� the Lumineers song �� sleep on the floor
    Cause if we don't leave this town
    We might never make it out !!

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    Heaven far from home!!

    Tonight is the night to leave this town
    Together we will swallow one more sundown
    Let's cross the streets of sufferings
    And sail the oceans of worldly offerings
    You and i will settle far behind the valley
    Where love runs in growing sunflowers daily
    We'll dip our fingertips into the soil of serenity
    To build bricks of our home confiding verity
    The scintillating stars will glitter our dark ceiling
    Honeycombs will drip the nectar of love from railing
    Fireflies would sing the lullabies for us to sleep
    We could have it all today if you choose to believe

    Tonight is the night to leave this town
    Together we will spit all facade of being frown
    Let's get lost in dark woods of adventure
    And capture the footsteps of extinct creatures
    You and i will paint our lips with pastoral poetry
    And stain the autumn leaves with verses of our story
    We'll weave the coat from flocks of withered wool
    To nurture our naked nightmares in winter pool
    The old man in abyss would be a part of our evenings
    Learning life in laps of nature would be our only earning
    There we could breathe freedom and sing aloud
    We could persuade simple living and escape the crowd!!