• khushikant 34w

    I can't speak English properly ,
    Does it makes me look like I am illiterate.
    I am more inclined to western culture,
    Does it means that I don't love my country .
    I am a girl and I have many male freinds,
    Does it make me charactersless?
    I am a boy, and I am a bit emotional
    How does it raises question to my masculinity?
    I love reading books , does it makes me look like a nerd?
    I love hanging out with my friends,
    Does it means I don't love my family ?
    I am brown skin , is that mean I can't date a white skin person?
    I am an introvert
    Does it mean I am weak ?
    I am fat, does it mean I don't deserve love .
    We live in such society , ohh wait isn't this society is comprised of us only ?