• yaish__ 79w

    Somewhere in the midst of
    night I found my mind in
    chaos and my heart hollow
    and numb surrounded with
    the memories of yours. Where
    my mind reminiscence all the
    pain you gifted for the rest of
    my life. The scars which reminds
    me your cruelty, the deception
    love that you played with my heart...
    and all the lies you spun from
    starting, was beyond bearable.
    Each and every marks on my
    skin you gifted, hurts like death.
    But the heart so silly...even after
    being so fragile willing to believe you....
    willing to love you again
    over all the lies, over all the betrayal
    of yours..for which my soul
    couldn't able to find a way towards
    peace as the heart is hollow and
    numb to feel your true colors and
    the mind trying to flush your
    memories from my life all at once.