• fellowtraveller 44w


    Some nights when moonlight
    Blankets the sky in a glittery mess
    I find myself near the window side
    Whispering a little prayer under my breath
    For the innocent little girl trapped inside
    The invisible confinements of my soul

    Nights like this, she dances inside my head
    By throwing her little hands above
    At times giggling at her own clumsiness
    Often missing the steps as her little feets were wobbly, her fluffy hair bouncing along
    Trying to match her steps...

    The chains around her legs protested
    Loudly with each sway of her body
    She was a stubborn little thing
    Her relentless efforts to untangle
    The chains of memories around her small body
    Never fails to amaze me..

    But i couldn't afford to let her out again
    So i hugged her from other side of the cell
    And cradled her in my arms, and find herself
    Slipping into the fairy lands where she would be happy forever..

    She was a dainty little thing
    I would rather lock her inside
    And chain her with memories
    And create her a world of fairies & prince charmings & happily ever afters
    Than let her be tainted by the world outside..

    Let her stay the way she is
    So pure, ever the unreal
    The moonchild..