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    what is winter?
    bunch of snowflakes whirling in the sky
    dew, fog and snow
    embedding trees all naked
    knitted attires giggling in bodies of human
    songbirds fondling with their rhythms
    snowman clutching that old carrot as a nose
    and mr. santa concealing gifts
    beneath his clothes.

    what is spring?
    an ocean of foliage waiting in soil
    zephyrs crowded with fragrances of flowers
    butterflies grabbing nectars so sweet
    while sun whispers let me slowly rise
    old earth reproduces another infant
    with new veggies to churn out.

    what is summer?
    yawns the cerulean sky with a bold blaze
    fruits brushing our lips with warmth
    bees fabricating honey
    of love and affection
    of joyous and merry
    while crickets and grasshoppers
    embracing guitars and violins with their
    tiny little tips of finger.

    what is monsoon?
    petrichor all it carries
    for people with artistry
    transparent mizzle pearly white
    fuming typhoon, hurricane and gales
    and seven varied hues of bars hanging
    in blue and grey sky.

    what is autumn?
    altering tints of natural artefacts
    scars and wounds
    scripted in leaves all dead
    a clear evening sky lies there
    hiding memories of green leaves that left
    and howls the mother nature
    as she unlatches her clothes and wears
    another covering of beautiful thoughts.