• moonchild_7 17w

    You never know what other can hide behind there smile but you know much you hide behind that smile ����

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    HER SMILE!!!

    Just an average girl,
    Cheerful and have big bright smile,
    But she hide hundred of things which you never saw beside her big bright smile,
    She screamed and cried but never let down that big bright smile,
    She have scares of battle that she never wanted to fight,
    She is sad and cried every night,
    She thought she is a curse and Don't want to be alive,
    Her mind was messed up but she still have that big bright smile,
    Everyone thought she is fine but she was not fine...she was already dead inside,

    One day she stand in front of a mirror with that big bright smile ,
    She said I'M FINE and then disappeared from everyone's life,
    She faded away with that Big bright smile,

    Have you ever thought , how she fooled you with that big bright smile??