• nityabhatia 49w


    One day I will merge into,
    the remnants of the soil
    that composed the earth
    weaving my existence with
    the uncorrupted elements,
    of nature's womb,
    inexhaustible like fire,
    that rages when she is violated,
    resilient like water that adopts
    all vessels of change,
    selfless like the air that
    doesn't account for every inhalation,
    infinite like the skies that,
    cannot be contained within the hourglass of time,
    nourished by the fragrance,
    of damp grass budding
    droplets of morning dew,
    my senses are merely,
    a punctuation in your quote,
    the gentle touch of
    moist mud imprinting my footsteps,
    is the map I have designed,
    to trace my way back home...