• czarcasm 12w

    Broken Inside

    Invisible oh pitiful are the scars all on my heart
    Telling all my secrets though it's hard to pick apart
    What's real or made up in this state of mind
    I don't even feel like myself anymore

    I've tried to move on without hurting
    But there's no ends in sight
    And now my soul is always burning
    And I'll burn without a fight
    My heart it hurts and it's already broken inside
    Ive given in and now set back in this endless ride

    I'm not mean to be this sad
    Or this reclusive inside
    All the scars on my heart
    Could light up in the dark
    This pain oh it burns but why is it always mine
    I've already been broken inside

    I'm not meant to be this broken or this empty inside
    All my tears could float a boat but even that would be too kind
    This pain oh it's heavy but why is it always mine
    I'm already broken
    Broken Inside