• tengoku 24w

    As I always say, you're special. For me, for Mirakee and for everyone else. I'm so glad that I've a friend like you. We don't talk much but whenever we do, it never feels like we ain't good friends :"))

    Happiest birthday ♡

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    She is fragile like a human heart
    but strong like the spine of a book.
    She is the chaos of the ocean depth
    and sangfroid in a babbling brook.

    She is far away among the stars, but
    seems close to you like phosphenes.
    She can't be touched with bare hands
    but can be fathomed in naked poetry.

    Her bones are made up of haiku
    and sonnets' blood run in her veins.
    She is the dance of summer wind and
    songs sung by the earth when it rains.

    She is loud like ear piercing silence
    while she speaks the tongue of peace.
    She is the cool shelter under tree and
    the warmth in the December breeze.

    She fights like roaring waves of ocean
    but she loves like the moon to the night.
    She owns the whole world, and everything
    belongs to the universe in her eyes.