• scythe_the_erudite 32w

    Fire and Ice

    I walked into wonderland
    A hand held tightly in mine
    The sun shone a golden glimmer
    The wind whispered sweet rhymes

    A face flushed with heat,
    Or love
    Who understands the mechanics of hearts?
    I needed your amity
    Or your adoration
    Who can tell necessity and love apart?

    It’s been a long journey since then
    When we had searched for fire and ice
    We are still together
    Though in different worlds now
    With very different skies

    Though every time the sun shines on me
    I remember about your immaculate eyes
    The way wind brushes past me
    It’s like you are still here
    But now in disguise

    Do you think about me too?
    Cause I dream every night
    Not only of the things that broke my heart
    The loss and the pain
    But also of the love
    And all those lessons gained

    And so even ten years later,
    I keep living in the past
    The days when we were happy
    When we believed that love would last

    But here I am to tell you
    The girl you loved might have died
    But so did you kill the boy I loved
    Even after I begged and cried

    But here’s to a stronger you and me
    The one’s who have conquered our worlds
    Though the pain wasn’t necessary
    But we are like new flowers whorled

    And I thank you for everything
    For the love, the pain
    For the happiness and anger
    For every beautiful blossom
    And even the smallest hurricane

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    Fire and Ice

    We searched for perfection
    While forgetting
    That perfection lay in love
    The love we had for each other

    And thus for your birthday
    The best gift I could think of
    Is a thank you for everything that happened
    The things that brought us closer
    And a sorry for everything that shouldn't have happened
    The things that drew us apart

    Happy Birthday Pawan