• vschauhan 60w

    Today knowing all the wrongs , we are still quite . This novel virus is a warning to us to stop and restore the nature's beauty . So Let us take step forward to save the environment so that we could stop this dreadful end . #nature #inspiration #life #diary #thoughts #poetry

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    The person there who sits by the hill
    Why does he grins , what does he see
    The blackish - grey fumes rise over the city
    The red shone over the velvet , the orange casted city ?
    All what lies , all shrunken and stumbled
    Mortal and blunders ,
    Blunders over blunders , mortals filled the city
    Why does he smile who looks all by his sight ?
    All the green flushed covered by the blaze
    How harmonious is the sound , of the people's dread !
    The whole of the sky filled with the red
    How delightful is the sight of all the torments
    The shackles of the mortals continues by the hill
    Who's the person , cold hearted over such scene ?
    The sea has faded away , no water I could find
    The land was scrotched , all Carcass I could find
    The sky bursted toxic , the land was sunken down
    The sun shone bleak , the night bursted fire
    Yet the person stands looking blithely untroubled .
    The chimneys tall and straight
    The buildings tall and high
    The houses of the mortals all over the sight
    Yet , the man smiles who saw all this with delight
    How cruel , I inquire to me
    I stand and try to find ,
    Alas to me the forlorn , who carved all this play
    Now knew not what to do ,
    other then to stand and cry?