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    Serendipity - him

    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    Still my words wouldn't be enough
    to make him shine
    for he's one of the biggest stars,
    for he's all the things joy is made of.

    Let me make a confession,
    His eyes resemble the deep oceans.
    He isn't all about beauty,
    He has a whole galaxy
    in him,
    no one can easily see.

    Broken crayons inside my bag,
    Empty smiles on my face.
    But his smile,
    And kindness
    can sweep all my sadness.

    When I called him
    He became my flower.
    He made the universe move.
    I'm a Calico Cat, here waiting to see him.

    He has a story too.
    Like all of us.
    He has a heart too.
    Don't break it.
    He too has faults.
    He too has his own sufferings.

    If you adore from a distance.
    Don't just see that smile.
    His tears depict rivers of his love.
    All the unsaid is the constellations
    Yet to be disclosed.

    Yes. His sky has stars,
    But they are far away.
    His moon has scars.
    But they are too beautiful.
    His rains are accompanied by storms.
    But they can water the deserts.

    Darling, everything is destined.
    Still he'll bloom. Even if it aches.