• onasisto 49w

    East Side Condo Stories _01(Love songs on a g-string)

    She walks gracefully
    With skin embalmed in shiny ebony
    The tune she whispers isn't Mozart's symphony
    It's let's get it on by Marvin the orgasm Gaye
    She smiles in that mischievous way
    Her airpods whisper devious words of love from singers vocal chords
    She's her own woman
    She needs no applause
    With her long rainbow painted nails
    With her Fendi bag swinging at her left
    She sways daintily as she skillfully navigates her world
    A world of screens and beautifully filtered mirrors
    Her one true love is the money in her pocket
    Her goal in life is the money in your pocket
    The deeper the pocket goes
    The more genuine the love truly shown
    She was once a caterpillar afraid of kissing
    And then she became a cocoon with years of sexting
    Now's she's a full blown June day butterfly
    Nights spent cramming lessons from porn actresses and video vixens
    She's graduated without a degree
    But she could still make you moan intense
    She could make you mix up your tenses
    Speak fluent unadulterated gibberish
    She could make you murmur oh God
    In acknowledgement of her divine prowess
    She's in many men's eyes a goddess
    Her every wish still not yet granted
    She earned her body
    Val's day gym subscriptions
    She gets gifts for sculpting her inner beauty
    She's got an hour glass figure
    You'd probably spend hours trying to figure her out
    But by the end of the hour she collects the agreed amount
    She walks in the bathroom and rinses her mouth
    Tears flow for two seconds
    Was it all worth it? Yes
    How else would she have moved to an 11 pro max from an iPhone X
    Money her dad would use to cater for her and 3 siblings
    For a year or two
    Uber doesn't come cheap
    So she dries her tears
    She climbs the stairs leading upwards
    My gaze shifts as my binoculars point downwards
    There's a knock at the door
    I put my ring in my wallet
    I open sesame
    She stares at me
    Then she stares at the bed
    Toys neatly laid out to satisfy our imagination
    She takes a seat as it locks behind her
    Play time is bound to begin
    The hour glass starts ticking
    The perfect playground to indulge in sin
    East side condos conceal moans within