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    And you walked on roads coated in dew
    On winter dawns so silent
    That you felt the frost on your hands speak to you
    A stillness which you never wanted to let go of.

    For it is bleak at that hour of the morning
    And somewhere in the distance, akin to music
    You hear the laughter flooding in your ears
    The laughter of a young mother and her baby, born in midwinter.

    You see the sun rise from beyond the hills over yonder
    It's easy to sin in darkness, until you face up to the light
    Your tired legs drag you towards paths that have not yet been graced by foorsteps
    And you follow your own shadow because there is no human in sight.

    You knew love once upon a time
    Many moons ago, your young heart still dared to trust
    Your​ laughter came easily, and tears were rare
    But friends become strangers, and the brightest metal turns to dust.

    You shut out the bitterness, and cling on to hope
    But the memories come calling, thick and fast
    There are only finite oceans to cross, before you start to sink
    You can live in the present, but you can't forget the past.

    - Avitaj

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    Metal to Dust

    And when your house begins to rust
    Oh, it's just, metal and dust.

    - Metal and Dust, London Grammar