• jasleen_word_dreamer 39w

    Throw whatever you may
    I will take it away
    all your wrath
    with whatever you may start
    will never say it’s enough
    will never say don’t tear me apart
    I am the mother earth
    I am the giver and now and here to accept
    All the poisons of this human world

    a time then came
    when it had to stop
    reasons maybe Covid
    A pandemic never in our thoughts
    the scale was getting heavy
    bending towards one side
    it had to happen
    some gifts were to be returned back
    to start the process of learning
    new and afresh
    when we had to start to realise
    that it is better to stop
    Stop the destruction if we want to survive
    cleanliness is not an option but a compulsion
    family is not enjoyed as per requirement but as priority
    selfless love is not to earn money
    but to stay alive
    so fill today your heart with love gratitude and forgiveness
    for all not just to thrive
    but to stay
    healthy and alive