• raindropsoncacti 28w


    Since living our lives doing what we "feel"
    Rather than being led by what we "should"
    We've flourished each day, growing more authentically "real",
    We've genuinely never felt this good!

    We still achieve a great deal each day,
    And our obligations still get met,
    Just without the race, a good place, a healthy way,
    The most balance we've experienced yet.

    We haven't become lackadaisical and lazy,
    Our days are certainly not a bore.
    If anything my brain's clearer, after years of hazy,
    And we are actually doing and achieving more!

    It's true, too, what people say about giving -
    The more you put out, the more you get back.
    Yet doing it this way, dilly-dally-Dao living,
    We're both sharing love, whilst keeping ourselves on track!