• swathi_ 63w

    It's weird, right
    I didn't love you, or I can't bring myself to accept that and I wouldn't even if so
    But whenever I hear the words you told me, at random places, why does it hurt
    Why does it feel heavy, like something is sinking and somebody is pulling me down from inside
    It's been two years, I feel the same heaviness whenever I hear those words
    I didn't expect that little coincidence to impact my life, this much
    Who are you, and why can't I bring myself to accept the fact that you are not a good boy
    What did you do to me, how can three days and three months become such an important memory to me
    Why can't I forget the exact date and month, even if I try hard to
    What is this, I've always been practical,
    But how did this emotion lock me, here.
    It's weird. What you told me was truth.
    Yes, you made me remember you,
    Every single day. For two years.