• whitewings 11w

    This post doesn't aim to judge anyone. Neither does it intend to define gender roles or be sexist in anyway. It might seem to be a myopic view of things. But it's just a fleeting feeling that emerged in the heart of someone who scribbles to stay sane. So if it triggers anyone in any way, just scroll ahead.

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    For a man,
    everything is a conquest.
    So when he has your heart, your love, your time...
    there's nothing left for him to fight for.
    And therefore he withdraws.
    Leaving you alone.
    Whereas for a woman,
    everything is an opportunity to nurture
    and help it grow.
    So when she has your heart,
    she yearns for trust.
    When she has your love,
    she yearns for a home.
    When she has your time,
    she yearns to share a life.