• uzmawrites 54w

    Half freedom

    Since childhood till here,you gave me the whole lot,
    You told me that you where in me,
    Then why can't you be in my dreams,
    Then why are you not in my happiness
    I wanted to fly,but you clipped my wings,
    Just Because I'm girl
    You imprisoned me
    You taught me to live,
    But didn't let me live
    You keep me away from the world,
    Just Because, I'm girl
    You did not let, me go out
    Just because, the reason was i were a girl
    What was my fault?
    I'm girl
    Is it wrong to be a girl?
    Can't a girl do,what a boy can do,
    Did i not become your support in your old age?
    Is it wrong to be a girl?