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    Harvey was excited, the semester was finally over and he had about two months to chill at home and he was going to spend that time wisely and date Ruby more. He was done packing his bags, he was going on a vacation with Ruby and her friends as well as his. The parents have all agreed, so everything was fine.
    'I can see that you are already done,' Grace said as she stood at his door.
    Harvey turned around upon hearing that sweet voice and smiled at her.
    'Yes i am. Is Ruby done yet?'
    'You know your sis, she always likes to take her time. But don't fret, there is still time for you to get to the airport,' she assured him.
    'I hope so.'
    Grace walked into his room and closed the door behind her. A lot of questions were running through his mind and he was wondering what exactly was Grace up to now.

    'I know you will do this even if i don't ask but take care of her out there okay,' Grace said as she reached her hand for his.

    Harvey clutched her hand in his and looked at her.
    'I will always do that and make sure no harm befalls on her no matter what, so be at ease and take care of yourself for all of us.'
    'Okay, i will be at ease. I know you and i will just leave it to you and another thing,' she said and came closer to him. Grace whispered some very important details to him and he smiled.
    'I will not disappoint you.'
    'I know you won't. I will wait for the happy news,' she smiled at him and began to leave his room
    'Thank you mom, for trusting me,' he called out to her and she waved her hand as she left the room.

    Harvey double checked to see whether he had forgotten anything but he was cool. He left his room and went to Ruby's. He found her seated checking herself in the mirror.
    'What is my sis doing instead of going downstairs?' Harvey asked as he stood behind her.
    'Can't you see what i am doing?' Ruby asked as she applied the lip-gloss on her lips.
    'You know you are already beautiful, you look fine now,' he said as she put back the lip-gloss in her makeup box.
    'Thanks, i am done now. Help me with my suitcase,' she said as she got on her feet.
    Harvey pulled the suitcase out of her room but the butler took care of everything for them after that.
    Harvey helped Ruby to the car where the driver was already waiting.
    Ruby hugged and kissed her mother goodbye before the two of them left for the airport.
    'This is going to be fun,' Harvey said and Ruby looked at him.
    'It will be.'

    The drive to the airport wasn't long, soon they were at the airport pulling their bags inside. When they arrived, everyone was already waiting for then. Ruby rushed to her friends and hugged them happily and Harvey joined his friends too.
    'You are always late,' Owen said as he looked at Harvey who couldn't take his eyes off Ruby.
    'Sorry about that,' he said turning his attention back to his friends who all burst out laughing seeing how lovestruck he was.

    Owen had brought his girlfriend Lisa whom he had been dating for a very long time.

    The gang finally checked in and visited a café for some coffee before boarding the plane.

    'What are you reading?' Harvey asked Ruby who was holding a magazine.
    'Just some celebrity shit. I wonder how terrible one must feel when his or her life is plastered all over the magazines like this,' Ruby sighed as she looked at him.
    'I have a feeling that one day we will be there too. So don't fret and i will protect you when that time comes,' he said taking her hand in his.
    'I hope we will not grace the magazines,' she whispered.

    The flight was an eight hour one. Ruby slept for the rest of the flight, she must have been really tired. Harvey entertained himself with magazines and games. At some point he checked upon his friends and smiled. He noticed that Jack and Brian were up to it again and the tension wasn't good. What did Brian do this time to make Jack like that? He just hoped that Brian will get the love he deserves after all he only had one person in his heart and that was Jack. They make a great couple.

    Finally they landed down and they were taken straight to the resort. The resort was secluded and offered a great deal of privacy. It was beautiful and amazing. It was a good thing that they had decided to come to this place. He would learn a couple of things from the place and use it when he returns home.

    They were given their key cards and couples had to share their suites.
    Ruby was mesmerized as she looked around the suite. It's sheer beauty was just captivating he could tell she was in love straight away.
    Harvey prepared their bath, they were tired and needed some rest. After their bath they changed into mire comfortable clothes and went to the restaurant where they met their friends for dinner.
    After dinner they all retired to their suites to rest and decided to meet the following day when they were all refreshed.
    The second Ruby entered the suite she began to strip her clothes and let them fall to the floor. Harvey picked after her without any complaints and nicely fold them. He joined her on the bed and smiled as he looked at the sleeping Ruby. For someone who had been sleeping throughout the flight she surely was tired.
    Harvey slept next to her and he kissed her lightly on her forehead before dosing off as well.