• ummesulaim 41w

    Dear me,

    How many more times I have to say stop acting strong all the time, when you're if truth be told shattered into pieces so fine. They say you must be so strong to get over heartbreaks and all of your lows, this isn't a compliment you rejoice. Why don't you ask your outer self to behave and accept this fact.

    This so called praise hits every sharp corner of your broken pieces you have confined so well in the farthest corner within.

    You smile all day and cry all night. No! this is not how you maintain balance darling. Every time you pull a fake smile your soul moans a silent cry. Maybe one day you'll walk to the mirror and be able to shout yes "I'm broken and being broke ain't beautiful". Trust me the day you'll accept this fact will be the day you'll be half healed.

    Sometimes it's not our insecurities that are ugly, at times it's our lack of nerve and the stir of false shame to face the world this is what in fact is utter disgust.

    Rise up, collect your ashes before a new wave of problems completely wash it off the shore. Let the world know what's the real definition of being strong right through the guts mean.

    Never. I repeat never over share you problems to anybody. In a way they'll all use it to stab right through your fresh wounds. In a world packed with words like busy, nobody takes account of broke.

    You have the healing power, I'm craving for long. It's right there at the back of your brain, it's running through your veins. You can see it in control, when you'll let go that clenched fist. Come on, open it girl. Go get the world.

    Yours hopefully,
    Deranged soul.