• sharmee_m 70w


    I am stuck in the cycle of 9-5 and eat sleep repeat.
    The thought of being stuck here scares me.

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    Cupboard Under The Stairs

    I wish I could escape from this cupboard under the stairs.
    I have heard of the world that I am born into
    With deep oceans
    Hidden canyons
    Impossibly steep hills
    Magnificent northern lights
    Cities buzzing with color and life
    Stories of witches and knights
    Maybe nothing can help me other than a magic lamp or broom

    And here I am lying on my bed
    In this cupboard under the stairs

    I am scared
    What if I never even get to see
    An ounce of this world's mysteries
    What if I am stuck in this cycle
    Of eat sleep repeat
    What if I continue to be a speck of dust
    In this teeming world of possibilities
    What if I see a star and never be able to tell
    Which constellation it belongs to
    What if I always keep counting my what ifs
    Until death do me apart from the misery
    What if all that I know about the world
    Would just be Google's courtesy!

    I know not the count of books I am yet to read
    I know not the tunes that would be stuck in my head
    I know not how many sunsets I would pin to my memory
    I know not how many cuisines I might love and devour
    I know not the feeling of having another country's, another land's wind in my hair
    For now.

    But all I know is that I need to get out
    of this cupboard under the stairs
    And see the magic unravel itself to me!