• anguisette 142w

    "When you lose your mind,
    other things do you find."
    - Two lighters and a thief.

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    dead oesophagus

    hasn't taught me to name
    the parts of my body
    that have become cages
    to wisps of songs
    that I couldn't let go.

    I step on the water,
    and my guilty toes
    break the surface easily.
    I drown a few bubbles;
    Because they had nothing to say.
    Why do their deaths
    sound like loud kisses.

    There were dialogues
    I'd staged on my tongue
    so many times
    with my lips shut,
    that when the time came
    they forgot
    they were curtains
    not walls.
    They are now thumbnails
    asleep under a bed of saliva.

    When the green
    turns into brown
    and your poetry
    has run out of rage,
    come to me.
    I'll teach you
    the dance of a leaf
    lost in the ocean.