• masked_comedian 95w

    Questioning myself

    Things don't mean anything,
    Feelings are starting to depart
    Tired of everything,
    What to do when life's falling apart,

    My only love doesn't respond,
    Best friend doesn't seem same,
    Those hurtful stabbing rods,
    Continuous changing plots

    Those changing bond,
    Within the ego frame
    I don't understand where I stand,
    It's all just a game

    Surrounded by fake friends,
    Smile and kill,
    Cause it's their job to offend,
    What's the price going to be on the bill?

    My souls happy down somewhere,
    Sobbing about the old memories down there,
    My life is not gonna restore back,
    Where is this going to end Jack?

    I'm trying to hold everything together,
    But those Millon parts are difficult to be together,
    These immature snots bragging abt maturity,
    My torn shoes aren't fit for there insanity