• fortae 90w

    Where To Find Me

    I must have lost the will to write
    And the will to dream too
    I must have hidden myself from the light
    And lost the candles too
    I'm soaked up and engulfed by my lonely nights
    I can't seem to stop thinking about you
    A thousand times have I imagined your lips on my lips
    A thousand more I've felt your arms around my hips
    I must have loved you with all my heart
    And the most part of my brain too
    I think I've left my emotions in the tank to get drained
    And every energy it could ever carry washed away in the rain
    Now I don't kiss because I want to kiss
    And I don't smile because I want to smile
    I've been too blinded by you that I lost myself
    In search of you.
    And now after you, there's just me
    The void and confused me
    The me who doesn't even know myself
    The me who I've left to drown
    Someone please tell me where do I find me?
    Because I'm so desperate to be me again
    I wanna find me so badly I'm scared I never will.
    So someone take me away from this pills
    And tell me where to find me.