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    He was the son of ranarage, was the first independent king of this dynasty .
    He challenged the kadambas and established an independent kingdom for his own
    He chose badami as a capital for it's strategic
    He performed ashvamadha and other sacrifice to celebrate his victories
    His wisdom in counsel, war and conquest earned him many names
    He was a fire and a game changer
    He ruled the kingdom approximately between 504 A.D and 566 A.D

    Pulikeshi first [1]
    His wisdom in council and his knowledge in laws of manu and other epics was unstoppable a real warrior
    Sun was with him a true fighter
    Pulikeshi wife darlabhadevi belonged to batpura family
    He had 2 sons, keerthivarma 1 [first] mangalesha
    They were very learned and had deep skills
    Of war they achieve many titels
    And ruled over bojapur and badami was the capital

    Keerthivarma 1

    The son and succesor of pulakeshi 1,began his rule he helped in creating a beautiful city and many temples he expended the political ,social, and economical power he was also called as maharaja

    Keerthivarma 1 was succeeded by his brother
    Mangalesha was an able administrator as pulakeshi 2 the son of keertivarma was a minore
    Mangalesha was was ambitious ruler his sword conquered and occupied the revatidvipa, an important port
    Keerthivarma momentum of conquest ,for digvijaya was essential requiste for a chakravarti the war was follow mangalasha efforts of war. He Built up a sound navel force and he was capable of taking all islands by force
    Mangalesha wanted to his blood to rule the whole kingdom and his fire to burn in flames
    But mangalesha could not enjoy his fruits of Victory as a civil war broke out because of the chance to write the history and re- write the game mangalesha declared his son
    Sundaravarma as his successor,
    To re write history all you have to do is burn it and write it
    His eyes converted into red
    He was playing a game of chess and he have to sacrifice or kill
    He was changed he became some thing more than human all he wanted was power
    He is pulakeshi 2 [ maharaja pulakeshi]
    Pulakeshi could not tolerate so he wanted to play a game and he was ready for blood shut
    To write history again

    Pulakeshi 2 with the help of his loyal friend and accurate planning , by throwing his master card defeated his uncle mangalesha
    Mangalesha was killed and pulakeshi 2 ascended the throne as the ruler of badami

    As ascended the throne in 601A.D
    He was extraordinary ability and out standing qualities made him successful political genius and an empire Builder
    Pulakeshi 2 was a grates ruler of the chalukyas of badami
    He became the super ruler in deccan region
    He adopted many policy like 'divide and rule'
    Friendship with govinda and also established
    A friendship many relations

    He was the best king and a political genius and was a scholar and always thought about the enemy and lead his empire grow
    He had a choice to make either fear his uncle mangalesha because he was so powerful
    Or to be more than powerful he faced reality and yes was loyally perfect with self..

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    Maharaja pulakeshi