• spicywords 152w

    Love dont know boundaries

    I see your smile that serve many miles.
    Portion of your love left in my heart.
    I think with my mind, before the use of my brain.
    Go extreme , almost to the limit of my strain.

    I cook up words, just for you to eat joy.
    Make you blush, extend the sensitivity‚Äč of my touch.
    Keep your beauty so heavenly.
    Any intruder , he sees me devilish.

    When I keep distance, you became magnetic.
    I look into your eyes. I Suddenly became energetic.
    But only Willing to work more for your attention.
    Capture memories for continuous remenbrance.

    These actions of mine can't be explained
    Check me internally, I cant be x-rayed
    I can only picture the pixels of ur image.
    Drafting out your beauty makes its interpretation meaningless.

    Copyright spicywords