• kwinmo 60w

    Behind Her Smile

    Like every flower, her smile melts the heart, 
    Daisy is a lady filled with life and love, 
    With her flawless body she runs up and down the hill, 
    But behind her smile is an untold story, 

    For every heart that weeps, she brings comfort, 
    Like a cooling balm, her words heal the heart, 
    She puts all troubled minds at ease, 
    But behind her smile is a heart that yearns, 

    As brave as she is, she still cries, 
    She bring happiness to others but she get hurt too, 
    Behind closed doors she wept alone, 

    Let all be nice to daisy, 
    Fill her empty life with beautiful memories, 
    Cure her lonely heart with love, 
    For daisy is after all a human.