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    Gender Based Violence A•1

    Contents Written by Hope Bomate Nelson
    With the help of English dictionary/merram webster
    Source of inspiration: BBN task

    This concept is particularly seen and heard about in our everyday life as it is not a rare
    This thing called Gender based Violence is mostly one of the most notable human rights violation within all societies
    Both men and women experiences Gender based violence which cannot be refuted but majority of the victims are Women and Girls
    What is Gender Based Violence? I'd gladly put you in the know
    Gender based violence is any act that results in the psychological, physical, social and emotional damage or harm to a person thereby adversely affecting their minds and well being
    Threats of violence per say can be the coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty be it in secret or open
    Is this the right thing ?
    Of course it is not
    Female genital mutilation
    Sexual objectification
    Child marriage
    Child abuse
    Domestic violence
    Cases such as these can cause long term and life threatening injury to the individuals
    You would want to agree with me that such vile acts afformentioned Still exists In our society today which is not supposed to be so
    Until we get to a point where practices like this are completely abolished
    A world where where both the Girl and boy child won't be subjected to age long practices of subjugation,
    Children both male and female are not sure to be safe.
    In this modern day world as we call it, we still see Children instead of studying In schools with books and pens they are being replaced with tools and spares fending for themselves
    Living under bridges with no comfortable place to call home not even a proper diet (Malnutrition) some are orphans who has nobody to run to while some has parents whom clearly has abandoned them to face the darkest part of life .. If you cannot care for them why then did u bring them into this world? (Gender based violence)

    Rape ?
    Rape is an unlawful sexual intercourse carried out forcibly under threat of injury against a persons will without his/her Valid concent
    I would want to be a little more precise and emphatic on this
    I could still call this Sexual assault which happens to be non consensual also (not agreed upon)
    How unfortunate that we hear about despicable acts like this all the time and Women are mostly considered to be victims of this. The pain and pressure inflicted on these victimized individuals is massive which sometimes results to traumatic fistula, unwanted pregnancies, STD's even Death
    Yet it is shrouded in a culture of silence
    Of a well notable fact men are also raped
    But GBV involves power where most often men are the perpetrators and women the victim
    Discriminatory laws
    Exclusionary social norms
    And unequal status of men and women is the primary cause of GBV
    This should be stopped as Gender equality should be the basis on which we stan!

    Female genital mutilation?
    This is also a violation of Girls and womens fundamental human rights
    FGM is practiced in most interior parts of the world which is practically developing
    Using sharp objects such as blade or a shard of glass
    This has no health benefit and often leads to long time psychological consequences and can also lead to prolonged bleeding and infection. Isn't this inhumane?
    Our Female Children deserves something better order than the pains they have to go through all in the name of Tradition and religious beliefs.

    Women whom has undergone all these can experience complications during child birth,
    FGM a partial or total removal of the external female Genitalia for non medical reasons is extremely not healthy
    Is this not ignorance at its peak ?
    What they need should be Concientization and enlightenment
    Reasons why practices like this should be left behind
    Over the years, more than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries in Africa, The middle east and Asia where Female Genital mutilation is concentrated
    For successful eradication of this terrifying practice awareness needs to be created In order for change to surface
    Gender based violence should be completely wiped off the surface of the earth as it adds no beauty to the earth and also to man kind.
    Hope Bomate Nelson(Bambi