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    She was married in early age
    To the one who was much older.
    Despite having sense of everything
    Time couldn't make her bolder.

    At the first night, He disrespected her,
    And used her body for his need.
    How could be he so?
    He was a pervert indeed.

    Without her will, he did sex with her
    And acted brutally, when she wanted to stop.
    Neither she could be a villain
    Nor she could be a cop.

    Even after getting pregnant
    She was never left.
    He used her as his 'sex machine'
    Her dignity was totally theft.

    She gave birth to a dead child,
    Still he continued to play with her.
    And when her private part became loose,
    He sold her to others.

    They also used her as sex machine,
    And she couldn't raise her voice.
    She was being beaten and dragged,
    The life wasn't of her choice.

    Even when she died, She died naked,
    And no one cared.
    They had mean just with her body,
    That they always shared.

    With her, died all the humanity
    And died the made rules.
    Where did everyone go,
    Who had their pens as their tools?

    Now a days people think
    Sex is so cool and must needed thing.
    They play with bodies
    And leave others in the closed ring.

    We fought for child marriage
    As teenage is not the age for sex.
    But nowadays teenagers themselves do sex,
    To the own feet, they become the axe.

    Not only girls but also boys,
    Yes boys are also used as sex machine.
    We forget humanity
    And ignore whatever is seen.

    Really? Is a human being a sex machine?
    Doesn't matter if he or she.
    Is this really ok to remain silent?
    Doesn't matter if you or me!

    Sex is not a pleasure
    Nor anyone is the sex machine.
    Think twice over it
    Don't be a mean.

    Rules will be in making and breaking
    We'll have to be active.
    Never do or let anyone do such things,
    Always be attentive.

    This post is fictional here
    But is real with many.
    You must pay attention
    If you see any.

    This is the way
    We can bring the change,
    Else we'll keep listening to these news
    And will be acting strange...


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