• idealistic_sootradhaar 61w

    The Next Big Thing…!!!

    Beneath the turquoise shelter lies a temperament,
    The hypocrisy is hidden within the flesh,
    The sanguine fluid flows from his veins
    He is far beyond all the attachments
    But the cruor is within the brains…..
    Bounded by the convoy of people,
    He lives a stupendous life,
    Where good is evil and evil is good
    He walks along carrying a hood….
    The mask that does not reveals his identity
    But he still goes on with an audacity..!!!
    He was never like this and he will never be the same,
    The world was accused for he lived with a shame…
    The righteous path was always a far,
    Choosing the same was as critical as a war,
    Nothing went wrong because he was only misled
    Far beyond the reality there was hatred,
    He was neither left out nor was betrayed…
    Visions of success and dreams to fly
    Nobody for his rescue no one to rely,
    The pathway was with obstacles
    Life reciprocated with defense and tackles
    Abiding his journey he came across a similar situation
    Neglecting his past he kept himself inspiring
    Steady and calm waiting for The Next Big Thing…!!!