• kin_jo 24w

    Following are the two haikus , two small flowers in remembrance of my friend John and brother joker.

    A stagnant, years old social issue

    Old age home : Ageing

    Ageing a crime, crestfallen caducity , weak bones , abandoned by own children leads to life behind pasture less walls....away from home. Awaiting a call, a touch, just living merely in memories until sight falls short of time.


    Finding , haunting for their own mistake, tracing palm lines over and over again to locate their moon and Sun. Never finding the real meaning of love in their dictionary from day one . Yet they build a frolic shrine on thorny bed calling it a home , an orphanage

    Edit: Thank you so much @writersnetwork . This specific piece somehow means a lot to me . Love you team ❤️

    #haiku #mirage_poetry_contest


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    Plicated and wrinkled

    A deserted place
    Same feather inched together
    Shrouds awaiting hope

    Labelled shrine

    Empty shell, no name
    Abandoned by blood in veins
    Wingless,graveyard ground