• heartseeks_manishamenon 88w

    I really don't know how did I and why? I've come long way with you from minutes to hours, hours to days, days to months, months to years, and will the years pass on..
    All I could perceive tonight is, I've been caught like a bird or a cat in the name fame of Love..which promised me to love for what I am! But today I figured out I was no longer me after you came in with me..
    You've altered me to be someone who you've always admired of or urged to come across.. A more of your desire and less of real me
    If I ought to say what am I today, it would merely reflect less of me and more of you..
    All I yearn forthwith is me, which is forbidden beneath you..
    So shall I allow to myself to be concealed by you or
    Will I ever be able to soar again!!