• aryeshiamnotgood 44w


    It was a Sunday's dark nights evening
    Someone with a paainbrush I met
    Somewhere a friendship light was beaming
    No one questioned our friendship I bet.

    An artist, a pianoist, a dancer in all
    A pretty face with a cute smile and a specs
    I know you never fail to respond when I call
    Promised you'll be the guide when I visit
    Italian lakes.

    You are full of puns and you are really funny
    A person like you is one of a kind
    If I was in Italy I would have bought you a big fat bunny
    I need you as my friend forever would you mind

    I know you will always be the person as you are
    I shout Thousand times chubbyrene is her name.

    .... Aryesh.C