• officially_ray 6w


    I'm.. I'm not happy around you anymore
    And I swear it's not you, it's me

    I don't understand there's always a hint
    A hint of worry behind my smile

    A weight in the pit of my stomach when I'm around you

    I don't like it, you make me feel insecure?

    It's not jealousy, it's not resentment

    I miss the warmth in your hugs and the sparkle in your eyes

    You feel like an oasis, you are there but its not true
    It's not true that even if your mouth says you love me

    Your eyes scream volumes that your love has vanished

    You make me feel like autumn, although watching myself fall for you felt beautiful

    It's a bitter truth that I have fallen, for you at the cost of losing myself

    And I know it's foolish of me to try holding onto you in hope that it's just a nightmare

    But darling it's broad daylight and I don't know what to do

    The coldness of your winters, has reached my heart too

    It feels like falling for you was like walking into a home
    Which was never mine even if it almost did feel like home for a bit, almost

    And I guess this is where I become homeless?