• noorrrr 34w

    They curse me, for the sunshine
    doesn't belongs to me,
    And the night is a part of me,
    The dusks belong to me,
    And the darkness resides in me.

    They curse the ending of the sunshine,
    But what about the beauty of sunsets?
    Have they ever seen anything ending this beautifully?

    Have they ever seen anything as darker yet soothing as night?

    They say moon makes them feel peaceful and safe,
    They adore the moon, but curse the night.
    But how will the moon even live without the night?
    And how will the stars even shine without the darkness?

    Have any being ever made them feel this heard, as the night, the stars and the moon does?

    Then why do they curse the darkness this much?
    And Why do they curse me?