• anshikainks 16w


    Driving by the moon,
    Through the shadows of the night ,
    Thinking about you
    And how my cicatrices shine under the
    Moonbows as Van Gogh's empyrean ,
    Where the fickle stars breeding lucid
    Memories, crack open holes in the
    Universe and stained rainbows peep
    Through the eyes of broken skies;

    How you turned colourblind to the roses
    Tucked on my collarbone, but
    Complained of the thorns giving you scars
    How you nestled daylight in your chest
    And weaved poiesis in the dark,
    You but ask what makes a great poet
    Although you portray your own broken heart
    As a piece of art!


    #color #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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