• aesthete_03 92w

    A Bleeding Society P3

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    I was taking a walk the other night
    And I think I saw a woman, a lost woman
    Wrapped in a frigid chiffon dress
    Surrounded by the alley dumped mess
    I decided to walk over and land a helping hand...

    Next second I knew, I was running from a dark man dressed in a 'white chiffon' dress screening: "you have lost your life!"
    1-2-3 steps like an amateur on the dance floor
    4-5-6 bullets to the head, life was no more
    7-8-9 minutes later, the last breathe became sore

    It felt like my world came to a stand but time was still moving forward
    The feeling of an apocalypse happening but nothing was awkward
    Couldn't feel pain, couldn't feel the midnight drizzle
    Somebody had to call 911, a soul had left its vessel